The British press and airwaves are full of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement that some aspects of Sharia law are unavoidable in Britain. The Archbishop has been known to espouse Muslim causes in the past, and has been a most colourful figure from the start, with his involvement in a Druid-like group arousing strong feelings across the Anglican Church worldwide.

See the story here, there and everywhere, including a Telegraph blog, … Sky News, etc. It is not only the conservatives who object, it is pretty much across the board. Even Muslims have spoken out against the Archbishop’s new, controversial pronouncement.

The news has hit the international media, including CNN and Fox. What are the implications for Barbados? Will the Anglican Church in Barbados join the discussion, and could Sharia law ever take hold here?

British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown’s spokesman said the prime minister “believes that British laws should be based on British values”. BBC 8/2/2008