Odds Favour Obama for Presidency of US

Update: Feb 21, 2008

Here are the latest Ladbrokes’ Odds:

Obama’s odds improve, Clinton’s drop and McCain’s remain the same.

Barack Obama       8/11
John McCain          6/4
Hillary Clinton       6/1

America - Land of Opportunity

Obama is on a roll. His message of change has resonated in America, and he is
leading the wife of former president Clinton in pledged delegates. For the first
time in US history, it appears that a non-white man will be nominated as the
Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. How did this happen?

Change in America

This is not the first time that minority candidates have succeeded. Off the
top of my head, I can recall:

  1. Governor Douglas Wilder (black Democrat) in Virginia
  2. Governor Bobby Jindal (East Indian Republican) in Deep South Louisana
  3. Mayor Roland Dykes (black) in rural Tennessee in an area with 2% black population

It is not only the electorate that has changed, the message of the candidates has changed too. The Jesse Jacksons, the Andrew Youngs, and the Al Sharptons will never have broad appeal because of their negative stances.

Obama, on the other hand, is very positive and charismatic. He is shouting, “Change!”, and most people are satisfied with that.

I am Opposed to Betting but …

Betting is a big industry in England. Businesses lad Ladbrokes make big money on gambling, and consequently they have to quote accurate odds or they will go out of business! As of February 13th, Ladbrokes is offering these odds to win the US Presidency:

Obama 10/11
McCain 6/4
Clinton 7/2

At the moment, Obama has the best shot!

Incredible Journey

Earlier I dealt with the fact that a black man could carry the white vote in America. The PM of Southern Ireland was recently (1970) a Protestant. Besides race, Obama has had other hurdles to overcome.

Islamic Name and Parentage

Barack Hussein Obama is the junior United States Senator from Illinois.

“Born to a black Kenyan father and a white American mother, he lived most of his childhood in Honolulu, Hawaii. From ages six to ten, he lived in Jakarta with his mother and Indonesian stepfather.”

Both his father and his stepfather were Muslims, and Indonesia is a Muslim country. Here is a site that dismisses some of the religious criticisms aimed at Obama.

Obama’s Faith

Obama is a professed Christian, but he is not a conservative Christian. He has been described as a proponent of abortion and special rights for gays. Click here to see what Obama’s web site has to say about his faith. It has been reported that Obama’s Church, Trinity United Church of Christ, bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan its highest social achievement award.

Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ and Louis Farrakhan

“In 2007, Trumpeter Magazine (published and edited by Wright’s daughter) presented the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to Farrakhan, whom it said “truly epitomized greatness.”[11] Wright is quoted in the magazine offering praise of Farrakhan “as one of the 20th and. 21st century giants of the African American religious
experience” and also praised Farrakhan’s “integrity and honesty.”[12] In response, Obama noted his disagreement with the decision to give the award to Farrakhan; his statement was praised by Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League.”
Source: Wikipedia
(Trumpet Magazine is featured prominently on Trinity United Church of Christ’s homepage, and appears to be their official publication. Mr. Farrakhan appears on the cover of an issue.)

To be fair on this issue, if Abraham Foxman of the ADL is satisfied then it should not be a problem. Christians in America appear to be willing to overlook these minor issues, and to take Obama at his word.

Obama’s Experience

Hillary Clinton claimed that being the wife of a president helps qualify her for the job of president. Obama has very little experience, but that may be good. If you want a change, you have to go with inexperience. In Barbados, the DLP was painted as the inexperienced party. One of my friends said about Obama:
“Experience is not an asset if it is a bad experience!”

I personally do not think experience is a big issue. Presidential advisors and international pressure groups do a comprehensive job of telling the boss what to do. These people have plenty of experience, and are capable of directing the new President.

BU Claims Thompson Suffers from Obama Sickness

If this sickness is defined as winning elections, both the DLP’s Thompson and Obama have it!

One thing is certain. Obama has redefined Presidential politics in America. Whether or not he wins, he has established that he is likely to win, and that is a great milestone.

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