A remarkable site has been brought to the attention of Keltruth Corp. by a reader. It is well worth bookmarking. Thanks!

Tiny media site investigates giant UN
Inner City Press, which is a “pint-sized Internet news operation”, according to a recent Fox article, has been sanctioned by Google after complaints from unspecified sources. This inspiring site investigates UN corruption and other improper behaviour, and has been wildly successful so far. Here are two recent articles:

Whistleblower interrogated for visiting this site

“Recently a whistleblower in UNDP’s legal department had his office computer impounded and was told, you have visited InnerCityPress.com multiple times. While the interrogation reflected contempt for the freedom to read and freedom of the press, the issue goes far beyond the corporate culture at UNDP, to that of Google.”

Woman’s Death on UN Lawn Leaves Questions Unanswered

“UNITED NATIONS, February 17 — Following the discovery of the dead body of a woman in her 40s on the South Lawn behind the UN Headquarters on Sunday morning, what appeared to be attempts to downplay the incident occurred throughout the day. Police tape which had surrounded where her body fell was taken down before the UN Security Council’s 1 p.m. meeting about Kosovo. By early afternoon, the noticeable imprint on the lawn where she landed had been filled in with sand.”
Read the full story here (caution photographs): Inner City Press

Has anybody been reprimanded in Barbados for reading BFP or BU?

Censorship seems to be alive and well on the global scene. Has anybody had their computer seized because they visited sites critical of the Government?