Is China planning to replace US as the dominant world power? I think the Chinese have long term goals to do so. They are starting with their weakness, their Navy.

If China boosts their military, US may not have the will to intervene if the Communists decide to “liberate” Taiwan. Of course, use of the military is a last resort. Right now the two Chinas are courting the West Indian governments, but Communist China is also silently preparing …

China has secretly built a major underground nuclear submarine base that could threaten Asian countries and challenge American power in the region, it can be disclosed.Satellite imagery, passed to The Daily Telegraph, shows that a substantial harbour has been built which could house a score of nuclear ballistic missile submarines and a host of aircraft carriers.

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Good news! In the event of a nuclear war, Barbados will be one of the safest places to avoid fallout! And another point: The beach around the facility will probably be closed to the general public, especially American tourists with telephoto lenses!¬