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Did Lord Levy play a part in Labour’s losses at the polls?

Lord Levy was the chief fund raiser for the Labour Party in England. It is hard to believe that this refined-looking and sounding Lord was twice arrested in the Cash for Honours scandal! I hasten to add that the Lord completely denied any allegation of wrongdoing. He was not charged, and was later cleared of wrongdoing.

Lord Levy raised some questions by “reiterating his belief that it would be “inconceivable” Gordon Brown did not know about the loans made to the Labour Party by wealthy businessman [sic] to keep it afloat and allow it to fight the 2005 general election”. Click on the link below to view the fascinating video:

Levy’s timing unpleasant for Brown

Article by David Thompson of the BBC

This article says that Lord Levy was promoting his book on the Cash for Honours
scandal just before “Gordon Brown’s Labour Party suffered its worst electoral performance for at least 40 years in the English and Welsh local elections”.

Here is a quote from Thompson (not our PM!):

In politics, as in showbusiness, timing is everything.
As a former pop impresario - he is the man who brought you Alvin Stardust - Lord Levy would know that better than most.

Did Lord Levy’s comments damage Labour?

Levy was not always a Lord

According to Michael White of The Guardian (4/17/2006), Levy was born to poor immigrant parents, but rose to the top.

(Levy) Became an accountant but in 1973 set up Magnet Records.
Successful acts included Bad Manners, Chris Rea and Alvin Stardust. Sold
to Warner Bros in 1988 for £10m.

Here are the Lord’s three clients, arranged name, photo and lyrical quote.


Bad Manners (video) Chris Rea

Lip up fatty, ah lip up fatty, for the reggae,link I said ‘mama i come to the valley of the rich
Myself to sell’She said ’son this is the road to hell’ link


Alvin Stardust

I gotta girl named Bony Maronie
She’s as skinny as a stick of macaroni

“Bad Manners” and “Stardust”; what a colourful background for a Lord!

ThisisLondon.UK, Evening Standard Lite (27.06.07) reported:

An American porn star has been flown to Britain by detectives investigating the cash-for-honours investigation, it was revealed today.
Californian actress Courtney Coventry, 25, was questioned by police yesterday over her links with Labour’s chief fundraiser Lord Levy.

The book

On 11 May 2008 the BBC reported that: “Lord Levy said he did not want to ‘bad mouth’ Gordon Brown or Tony Blair.” and that “Tony Blair’s former fund-raiser has said he is “not bitter” about his treatment by senior Labour colleagues over the cash-for-honours inquiry.”

Lord Levy’s decision to write a book about his experiences is admirable. I like to see a man come forward and state his position. I am sure that this book will clear the air.

I’ll wish him success in his book, but I don’t think he will need my support. The music producer Pete Waterman described him as “the greatest salesman I have ever met. He would be able to sell sand to the Arabs.” link

In another honours’ related scandal, Tony Blair recommended a controversial benefactor for a peerage, Canadian Conrad Black. Lord Black currently resides in a Florida jail.

Could this ever happen in Barbados?