Wishing in Vain noticed that Barbadian jail builder, Veco, was in the news again!

AP - Veco sentencing on hold

The Anchorage Daily News carried this A.P. article 5/1/ 2008

Federal prosecutors aren’t ready just yet to recommend sentences for their two witnesses in an ongoing federal corruption probe.
In a status report filed in federal court Wednesday, prosecutors requested that sentencing for former Veco executives Bill Allen and Rick Smith continue to be postponed as the investigation continues.
Prosecutors wrote the investigation is “exceedingly complex,” and they promised to have another update no later than July 31.

Keltruth Corp. - Veco does not want case to be heard in Canada - Barbados is more convenient

Rene Massinon of Veco Corp. made an affadavit in the Canadian Action. Veco is/was a company headquartered in Alaska. After the scandals, Veco may be operating under different names. If you go to www.veco.com, you will see that CH2M HILL is the new VECO.

Let’s hear what Monsieur Massinon had to say:

“I, RENE V. MASSINON, of the City of Calgary, in the Province of

1. I am the Senior Vice-President of Veco Corporation (”Veco”) …”

See page 1

Pages 1 to 4 of this affidavit put forward the case as to why this law suit should be heard in Barbados rather than Canada. Veco goes out of its way to convince the court that this case belongs in Barbados.

Ontario Not Convenient - Veco wants Barbados

I find it amusing that the Vice-President of an American company, a gentleman who lives in Calgary, Canada, would state that “Ontario is not the convenient forum for this action”.

See page 5

Mileage Comparison

CH2M HILL lists these branches (below, left) on its “Welcome to the new VECO” page. I have added a comparison of the distances in miles from the listed Veco offices to both Toronto and Bridgetown. (Source MapCrow)

CH2M HILL branch Distance To Toronto, Ontario Distance To Bridgetown, Barbados
  (miles) (miles)
Abu Dhabi, UAE 6888 7281
Anchorage, Alaska, USA 3026 5432
Bellingham, Washington, USA 2059 4309
Burnaby, BC, Canada 2076 4336
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1682 3995
Denver, Colorado, USA 1340 3304

If Veco’s Massinon is setting out from Calgary, Ontario is 2,313 miles closer than Barbados. (3995-1682) If he is coming from Anchorage, Bridgetown is 2,406 miles further out of his way. Every office on the list is closer to Ontario than Barbados.

(CH2M HILL’s worldwide headquarters is listed elsewhere as Englewood, Colorado, USA.)

If mileage is not Veco’s consideration, what makes Barbados more “convenient” than Ontario?

My opinion? The use of the word “convenient” is incongruous and absurd in the context. While there may be a reason to support the implication that Barbados is more “convenient”, I can’t find it in Massinon’s affidavit!

link to entire Veco affidavit Disclaimer: We wish to remind our readers that, while these are public court documents, the contents of these documents should be taken as unproven allegations pending the outcome of the case. What we state here is our opinion. On the other hand, we welcome and value comments. We would especially like to hear the opinions of those with knowledge of the case. Anonymous comments are most welcome.