I was digging around, when I came upon this report on www.fireservice.gov.bb, Arsonist must do community service, (2 June 2005).

I was very interested because in America, arson is a very serious crime. The situation may be different in Barbados. Here are some quotes from the report:

“The 52-year-old man who set fire to his former girlfriend’s mother’s home because she refused to have sex with him on March 31, 1997, has been given a suspended sentence and ordered to do community service.

Four months after being convicted, David Adolphus Walton returned to No. 3 Supreme Court yesterday and received a three year suspended sentence for burning the home of Vernese Farmer with intent to damage or destroy it.

Over the next three years he must complete 240 hours of community service.

Walton of Prospect, St. James, was acquitted of assaulting his now former girlfriend Glenda Farmer, causing her actual body harm.”

In 1974 Walton was sentenced to hang for the October 17, 1974 murder of Cynthia Allder.

That was commuted to life in prison, but he was released for good behaviour.

In another quote from the same report:

At the time, Mr Justice Greenidge expressed concern over Walton’s relationships with women, which he said seemed to prove challenging.

Ya don’t say! I am expressing concern about a judge letting a known murderer and arsonist free on the streets of Barbados. Is this how Bajan judges view murder and arson? If so, this may explain why threats of murder and arson are not investigated.

Walton’s probation should be up about now. Residents of Barbados may need to exercise additional caution if arsonists and murderers are punished lightly.