On 3rd April 2008, the Daily Mail ran this article questioning Britain’s role in giving support to repressive regimes. Quotes are in boxes with a yellow background.

David Milliband, the Foreign Secretary, was yesterday full of righteous anger in the Commons against this dictator who has ruined his country and tried to fix the elections (again).Who could have guessed that until recently this appalling person was succoured by successive British Governments?

In 1994 he received an honorary knighthood from the Queen on the recommendation of the then Tory government.

After this dictator has been succoured and praised by the British, now he is demonized and vilified. But not much has changed …

In 1982, two years after winning power, he sent the notorious North Korean-trained Fifth brigade into southern Zimbabwe, where they killed untold thousands of Matabele.

After many more abuses, he received an honorary knighthood from the Queen on the recommendation of the then Tory government!

Who is this dictator? Click on the Daily Mail link at the top of this post to find out.

Who was invited to Buckingham Palace by the Queen?

Would it surprise you if a notorious criminal had been invited to the Palace?

Nicolae Ceausescu, the communist ruler of Romania for many years, was guilty of numerous crimes against humanity.The Queen was required to invite him to stay at Buckingham Palace, and to bestow an honorary knighthood on him, though he was subsequently stripped of the honour.

Is the Queen “required” to invite certain people to stay at Buckingham Palace?

I am concerned that an official invitation by the Queen of England implies approval of the behaviour of the person invited. It sends the wrong message when scoundrels like Romania’s Ceausescu are invited to Buckingham Palace. I can just imagine Ceausescu saying:

“I am not a bad man - the Queen of England invited me to stay at Buckingham Palace. And you know, only the really good people get invited to Buckingham Palace!”

Evil men like Ceausescu should not be enabled to claim the tacit support of the Queen.

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