Unfortunately for him, Black Woman who Reads (aka BWWR) has exposed his identity! This anonymous person who has no compunction in attacking peoples’ characters is not a woman, but is actually a man. Is he a defendant? Is this a sign of desperation? Yes on both counts. Who is this person?

Not Elneth Kentish

Out of the approximately fifty persons being sued, there are only two women -
Elneth Kentish and Marjorie (Madge) Knox. Elneth is a highly educated person with extensive legal experience. If Elneth is so gentle and compassionate with sex offenders, there is no way she is going to get over-wrought with emotion like BWWR. Here are some of her decisions:

BWWR is not a powerful person like Elneth. For obvious reasons he is not Madge Knox. To discover the true identity of BWWR, take a good look at the list of defendants for someone who:

  1. cannot keep quiet, even when he has nothing logical to say
  2. is verbose, vividly imaginative and flambouyant. Yes, this man has the gift of the gab!
  3. is likely to hide behind a fictitious name so that he can launch libelous attacks on peoples’ characters
  4. ridicules other people’s personal achievements implying an overbearing superiority complex. Paradoxically this complex is usually associated with feelings of inadequacy, so look for a person who will fly off the handle when criticized. (Definition: superiority complex - popularly a feeling of superiority or exaggerated self-importance, often accompanied by excessive aggressiveness, arrogance, etc. which are compensation for feelings of inferiority)
  5. is either unemployed or under-employed. I have a struggle writing the little bit that I do. BWWR seems to have no constraints on his time!
  6. has a twisted sense of humour and lives in a fantasy world
  7. is happy to misrepresent himself as an 80+ year old woman!

Well which of the defendants is it?

I only know one defendant that fits that description, but I am not going to call his name! Have fun guessing!

BWWR has commented and will continue to comment under several aliases, so it is important that you identify him every time!

Still not convinced?

Let me quote Black Woman who Reads:

BFP June 10th, 2008 - “I gone for the rest of the day. Sea bath and make dinner for my youngest grand.”

Now Black Woman who Reads is commenting from a cold climate, where the sea is extremely cold even in the height of Summer. If this 80+ year old internet savvy “granny” were to go swimming, he would be risking serious health complications!