Gittens Clyde Turney, Q.C., is certainly resourceful.

On November 26th, 2007 John Knox went to Court in Barbados. He was accompanied by his lawyer, Alair Shepherd, Q.C..

Here is the story in my words according to the affidavit with additional input from my brother, John Knox. Clyde Turney, the lawyer of Kingsland and Classic, is also in Court. Clyde Turney speaks to the judge loudly enough to ensure that everyone present, including John and Alair, hear what he has to say. Clyde informs the judge that if John had not sworn his affidavit outside of Barbados, he would have been guilty of a criminal offence. Alair Shepherd hears what was said, and then speaks to the judge, who shrugs his shoulders. After this incident, John Knox compares his notes with those of Alair Shepherd, and confirms that they are in agreement. This is dealt with on Page 2 of John Knox’s affidavit.

Did Clyde Turney misrepresent the law to intimidate a witness?

John Knox spoke to his lawyer, Alair Shepherd. He searched himself, but was unable to find “any law in Barbados that makes it an offence to swear an affidavit either in Barbados or anywhere else.” It is unlikely that a senior lawyer and Queen’s Council like Clyde Turney would not know the law. I will allow my readers to draw their own conclusions.

John’s Sister in Miami Imputes Sinister Motives!

Think about it. I interpret what Clyde Turney allegedly said this way: “If you persist in testifying against me and my clients, you may end up in jail.” In my opinion, this would be a deliberate attempt to discourage a witness, my brother, from testifying against a defendant.

If This Alleged Act was so Terrible, how could it be Legal?

An old legal professional (in another country) laughed when he heard the story. He said that Turney was protected by some type of court privilege. He added that what John should have done was to ask Clyde to step outside of the court and to repeat his statement. Once outside, he would not have been able to hide under the protection of the court!

If Gittens Clyde Turney, Q.C., did make this statement in court, my opinion would be that this was a serious abuse of the Barbadian legal system. An attorney in court may be above the law, but this should not be taken as a green light to practice unethical behaviour.

Source: John Knox’s Affadavit - Sworn January 11th, 2007