Source BBC

  • “A warship on which Prince William is serving has seized cocaine valued at £40m, in the West Indies, the Ministry of Defence has said.”
    “The MoD said the drugs had been intercepted on a speedboat, in a joint operation with the US Coast Guard, north-east of Barbados on Saturday.”

Source CNN

  • “Britain’s Prince William has helped the U.S. Coast Guard bust a drug smuggling boat carrying cocaine worth a minimum of $80 million.”
    “The 50-foot-long power boat raised suspicions because it was a small vessel far out to sea and resembled a “go-fast” boat commonly used for drug smuggling, the ministry said. The boat’s location suggested it was en route to Europe or North Africa, it said.The chopper’s crew informed the ship’s captain about the boat, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel who were on the frigate then boarded the boat. They found 45 bales of cocaine weighing a total of 900 kilograms (just under a ton), the defense ministry said.”

Source MSNBC

  • “The frigate H.M.S. Iron Duke intercepted an ocean-going speedboat on Saturday several hundred miles northeast of Barbados in a joint operation with the United States Coast Guard, the British Ministry of Defense said.”

The bust was several hundred miles northeast of Barbados. I wonder if it was closer to Martinique than Barbados.It is scary to think of the money that these drug barons have. They have a tremendous capacity to influence law enforcement and even Governments. I hope that there are many more seizures!