Today is the Fourth of July. Tonight firework displays will transform the city of Miami into a happy war zone. Skilled pyrotechicians will spectacularly illuminate the night skies, as a thick, acrid pall of smoke spreads across the city. Below is an old photo from a display at Baptist Hospital, Kendall, Miami.

Fireworks at Baptist Hospital


Where can I watch the Fireworks Tonight? provides an excellent guide to viewing the public firework displays. Here is a quote:

This year, the choices for a fun Independence Day are better than ever. No matter what your speed, there are celebrations for you. Here is a list of some of the more popular places to see the rocket’s red glare.

Don’t forget to bring your pets inside, as they will be traumatized by the explosions.

It is with pride and appreciation that this naturalized citizen makes this wish:

“Have a Happy Fourth, America!”

Update 4/7/08 10:30pmWe had rain, traffic was bad, but the show went on. The sky was lit up from all quarters. Here is a photo taken tonight at Baptist (looks like the same type of rocket as above!):

Fireworks at Baptist Hospital