The rush started just before midnight when reciprocated with a link to my YouTube ordered to reveal its viewers to Viacom post. (CNN has linked to Keltruth a few times, but in this instance it was most generous as I added very little to the quote from its site!) Strangely enough, the very first visitor to the YouTube story was the US Department of State. The State Department appears to be taking an interest in this case.

Later in the day, I made a comment on Barbados Free Press concerning the leniency of Bajan courts regarding violent crimes against women. This brought many visitors to Keltruth.

(A convicted murderer is released from jail. He was acquitted of beating a woman, but found guilty of burning the house of another woman.

He was “given a suspended sentence and ordered to do community service”.
Source: Barbados Courts and Arson)

Late that afternoon, there was a rush by South Floridians to find a good place to watch fireworks. They flocked to my post, Miami Celebrates the Fourth of July, 2008.

It is humbling to think that just over the past day we have had visitors from all over the globe. Here are some of the locations:

  • West Indies
    • Trinidad
    • Barbados
    • Puerto Rico
    • Turks and Caicos
  • Africa
    • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Asia - West
    • Istanbul, Turkey
    • Palestinian Territory
  • Asia - East
    • Anhui, Hefei, China
    • Bombay, India
  • North American Continent - West
    • British Columbia, Canada
    • Salem, Oregon, USA
  • North American Continent - East
    • Nova Scotia, Canada
    • Greenville, NC, USA
  • North American Continent - South
    • Houston, Texas, USA
    • Lithonia, Georgia, USA
  • Europe
    • Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK
    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • Greece
  • Australia
    • Melbourne

Yes, people all over the world are interested in Barbados!