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Source: CHINA///ROADTRIPPING///THE STREET CUISINE OF BEIJING ….May 20th, 2008 by J O’Shea/Editor
Yeah, that title sounds scary and it should be. Eating in Beijing can certainly be dicey and the street food is truly a thing to behold. Nearly all manner of strange and seemingly inedible creature is represented in an endless stream of street stalls, all impaled on bamboo sticks ready to be cooked—or not—to your discerning standards. To untrained Western eyes, these stalls look more like a setup for Jackass than a serious culinary operation. Of course, freshness is prized in China so many of the selections are still alive in cages awaiting your selection and subsequent preparation. Of course, we couldn’t resist a quick tour. Needless to say, it was a strict diet of white rice after this outing, though. HAVE A LOOK:
Left: What is this? Click on it to see scorpions, lizards, rats etc. impaled on bamboo sticks! Interestingly enough, I did not see any snails.


In China, It’s a Man Eat Dog World!

If the food on a stick is not substantial enough for you, why not try something really different?

Left: Apparently this particular delicacy is referred to as “pressed dog”.
Notice the red official seal on the chest, just below the two front paws. It may be the Chinese equivalent to the USDA stamp.
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Source: onelargeprawn Chinese Food Market


The Difference between Cats

Below: How we view cats - kitten relaxes on her toy

Below: Cats and dogs stuffed into cages await the butcher in China

Left: “Cat and dogs crammed inside cages with no room to move, many of them diseased, all destined to be sold as food. These are the shocking pictures from a live animal market in Nanhai, China.”
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Source: Daily Mail Cruel beyond belief - China’s live animal markets 27 March 2007


Dogs Butchered in Public - Gruesome Images

Man’s best friend is not always treated as such.

Happy contented pet relaxing on his bed

… in contrast with …

Xi Chang Market. December 1997

Xichang, known as China’s “space city” and capital city of the Liangshan Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in southwestern Sichuan Province, People’s Republic of China.
These are pictures of a market area on an embankment above the river in the old part of town. At the front there are puppies and kittens for sale as pets and further back are about 100 dogs waiting to be selected by customers. When selected the vendor puts the dog in a sack and weighs it. After a price is agreed the purchaser kills his dog and butchers it (sometimes in that order, more often in the reverse order). Business was brisk with a dog being killed about ever 5 minutes. There seemed to be two techniques. The one man technique was to hit the dog twice on the head with a wooden plank which dazed it sufficiently to make it safe for him to plunge his knife into its jugular without getting bitten. He then held the dog up by the tail until it bled into unconsciousness …
Source: pbase - A Chinese Dog Meat Market in Xi Chang,Sichuan Province, People’s Republic of China. (Caution: This page loads slowly because of the many photos. These photos are revolting, graphic, and bloody.)