According to Ladbrokes (7/17/08), Barack Obama (odds 1.40) is twice as likely as John McCain (2.87) to become the next President of the US. Viewed as the outsider, Obama is actually being backed by the big money, and in America, big money wins! Suddenly there is a great interest in Obama’s background.

Michelle and Barack Obama’s former pastor and spiritual mentor was Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright has been attacked in the press.

Michelle and Barack Obama - Source: Wikipedia Commons

In this piece, Fahim Knight defends Wright, and explains the concept of Black Liberation Theology, which Wright endorses.

While I might not support all of his views, Fahim Knight appears to be a free thinker with extensive knowledge and experience. Fahim A. Knight is a Prince Hall Freemason. (Knight belongs to Doric Lodge #28 PHA, Durham, NC, USA.) He has written informative articles on Islam in America and Freemasonry. I have observed that Black Liberation Theology has some similarity to Islam, and that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, according
to The New Republic, was formerly a Muslim.

Knight makes two interesting points:

  1. The media abuses its influence.
  2. Black Liberation Theology evolved out of a social and political disparity of injustice and racism.

The media is controlled by one source and they have the ability to mold and shape public opinion—disinformation and propaganda are two of their covert ploys. These mediums are designed to control the thinking of the people. The media was attempting to draw a political wedge between Senator Obama and Jeremiah Wright in order derail Senator Obama’s political momentum and besmirch his character and bring into question his judgment, credibility and integrity based on association with a so-called leftwing militant clergy in Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
Black Liberation Theology evolved out of a social and political disparity of injustice and racism. The Black Christian church has always been confronted with social contradictions that exist in the United States, which some ministers, denominations, and theologies have dealt with these dilemmas from a conservative perspective and/or have chosen to confront the contradictions in a more radical and non compromising manner. Black Liberation Theology was a response and reaction to white denial.
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