Above: Russian and Barbadian flags (Wikipedia Commons).
The Mail Online ran this story on 28th July 2008:
The new Russian revolution: Rouble-rich millionaires are snapping up mansions. Here is a quote:

They’re an estate agent’s dream. Russian oligarchs - for whom money is no object - now account for the purchase of one in five properties in the UK priced over £6million.
The Russian Media House is the UK’s largest Russian publishing company. It ran an article with the above title on 22nd September, 2006.

For wealthy Russians, the buzz begins three or four months in advance. Those who normally live in London are soaking up the sun in Barbados, the Christmas destination they tend to favour over all others. Here, under the swaying palms, Sasha Ratiu and her friends start planning their diaries round the social calendar we know as “the season”.
A Boost for Barbados Tourism
An influx of wealthy Russians will be good for the finances of the island. This is welcome news as the decline in the global economy will have a negative effect on tourism.