Prosecutors allege more Stevens gifts
Source: Anchorage Daily News - read entire article here. Quote:

In a filing today, federal prosecutors revealed more evidence in their case against U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, detailing a new round of gifts that he allegedly failed to disclose between 2001 and 2003.
The government said the items were a $1,000 sled dog, a $3,200 hand-built stained glass window and a $2,695 massage chair. They are in addition to the $250,000-plus in labor and materials allegedly provided by the oil-field service company Veco Corp. when it renovated and furnished Stevens’ Girdwood home starting in 2000.
If Stevens were a Barbadian he would not have this problem!
Even though Federal investigators think that Stevens broke the law, Stevens is protesting his innocence. He is even contesting the upcoming election!
If Stevens were a Barbadian politician, he would be in good shape. Prime Minister David Thompson has failed to introduce integrity legislation to Barbados. This implies that it is still not against the law for Barbadian politicians to accept gifts from contractors. It seems that, during their tenures, Bajan politicians are still free to feast with impunity on the “fatted calf”. To top it all, the established media shows no desire to thoroughly investigate these public servants. It must be wonderful to be a Bajan politician!