Cricketer and Criminal? Scarcely!
Cricinfo ran a disturbing article on a former Pakistani Test Cricket Captain. The title is: “Imran Khan gives Pakistan police the slip” From this title you would think that Imran would be a master criminal, but on closer inspection we find that Imran’s “crime” is being the head of a political party opposing Musharraf! Imran said:
“The police have ransacked my house and ill treated my family members.”
It is a scary thought that someone could be locked up for standing up to the government. Then I had a worse thought. Suppose this were to happen in a small island.

Assault on the Legal Community
CNN ran another article stating that in Pakistan one in four lawyers are in jail. Quote: “About 3,000 Pakistani lawyers, rounded up since Saturday, sit in jails across the country with no courts operating to which they can appeal for release. Pakistan has an estimated 12,000 lawyers.”  Could this happen in a small island?

Good News
Don’t worry. Musharraf style problems could not occur in Barbados. Legal communities in small islands are unassailable. Barbados is a nation ruled by judges, lawyers and cricketers.  In addition, if the government needed to deal with someone, they would do it nice and legal through the system, the police and the courts. In Barbados, cricketers are highly respected. In Barbados, the judge, and the lawyer appear to be strong allies of the government. In Barbados, if you accuse public figures of wrong-doing, you do not need to fear being thrown in jail, but you might expect a court summons. If a cricketer, a lawyer or a judge were to speak out against the Government in Barbados, I do not think he/she would have to go into hiding, just maybe into court!

P.S. After I wrote this, I noticed BU had already covered the lawyers in Pakistan.