Update from CNN 9/12/2008 - WASHINGTON (AP) Report — “Tainted infant formula from China may be on sale at ethnic groceries in this country [USA], even though it is not approved for importation, federal officials warned on Thursday.”
The China Daily has reported a couple of days ago on a scandal involving contaminated milk. The September 11th, 2008 article had a photo (shown on left) of some of the children who were victims of this tragedy: Firm probed over killer baby milk powder
The Associated Press also followed this story:
Source: AP article on Fox News, September 13, 2008

BEIJING — A Chinese dairy that sold milk powder linked to kidney stones in infants knew it contained a banned chemical weeks before ordering a recall, the health minister said Saturday.
One child has died and an official said the number of children sickened had risen to 432.
Investigators have detained 19 people and are questioning 78 to find out how melamine was added to milk supplied to Sanlu Group Co., China’s biggest milk powder producer, officials said at a news conference. They said some tainted powder was exported to Taiwan but none was sent to other foreign markets.
Melamine in Pet Food
In July we ran a post: Did your pet die suddenly from kidney failure? Tainted petfood could be the cause. I am concerned that the US Food and Drug Administration is not taking this threat seriously, and that people here in the US will be exposed on a large scale to contaminated food. I also worry about Barbados. Even America does not have the resources to police its food supply. Smaller countries may face greater risk.
The Most Likely Way for Us to be Exposed to This Type of Contamination
Where we could be exposed to contamination is through medicines. China Produces 90% of the World’s Vitamin C! In July, Phyllis Schlafly wrote an article: Chinese Drugs Come With a Dose of Danger. It is almost certain that everyone has already taken some kind of vitamin or drug made in China! Remember that even if you don’t take vitamins, they are added to many foods. Just read the label!
China Executes Head of Their Food and Drug Agency
China is dealing with the problem in its own way. In 2007 China executed a former director of its food and drug agency Tuesday for approving fake medicine.

Further reading: I see that BFP has done a comprehensive post on this topic! More Melamine Poisoned Chinese Food: Hundreds, Maybe Thousands Of Babies Seriously Ill - Deaths Starting