I saw this comment on Barbados Free Press:

Stupid Smear Campaign
September 15, 2008 at 2:20 pm

What a stupid and foolish attempt to smear someone.

There is no such case.

There is no such document. All we have here is one or two idiots who set up a blog (BFP) and a website (Keltruth) in a pathetic attempt to fool gullible idiots with a load of invented hogwash.

What is presented on the Keltruth website is NOT a genuine document. BFP simply links to a file placed on that website so that unsuspecting fools can click on the link and have their computer details automatically recorded by the Keltruth website. They need to use the Keltruth website because there is certain information which they simply cannot get using a WordPress blog.

Bajans have to beware of these cyber frauds.

Stupid Smear Campaign,
I notice that you have made an anonymous comment on an anonymous blog. You have provided no documentation, yet you expect to be taken seriously. On the other hand, I have additional documents to support the authenticity of the one I put up. Give your name! Provide supporting documentation! I’ll put it up.
Would Keltruth Corp. Put up a False Document?
Just think, Stupid Smear Campaign! Would I put up a false document to smear a sitting Chief Justice? Everyone knows who I am and how to contact me.
We are talking about a man who has more legal “fire power” than most law firms. Sir David knows the law. He knows the good lawyers and he can get them to work for him.
Just think what would happen if Keltruth Corp. put up a false document!
The Way it Normally Works
If a false document were put up, I would get a call from one of Sir David’s lawyers. He would instruct me to take down the offending material, to issue a retraction and then to publish a full apology.
I imagine that he could bypass these formalities and bring a suit, if I put up false documents. I would be sued here in Miami. If the documents were false, the judge here would have little sympathy and damages would be heavy.
So, Stupid Smear Campaign, I take care to make sure that my documents are bona fide. Unlike you, Stupid is not part of my name.
Keltruth Corp. is Not Anonymous
Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground can say whatever they like, because they don’t have to worry about consequences. Anonymity is a necessity in Barbados. Keltruth Corp. enjoys freedom but still can be called upon to answer!
Ask Sir David Simmons why he has not sued Keltruth Corp.
Stupid Smear Campaign, are you a friend of Sir David’s? (You seem so concerned!) If so, ask him why he has not sued. Ask any of them.
Ask him why no identifiable person is deriding Keltruth Corp. Why do you have to hide if you represent the truth. Our only attacks will come from the faceless anonymous sector. No one will ever sue us. Why?
Could it be that America supports free speech? Could it be that, in America unlike Barbados, truth is an absolute defense?