Full article on Sky News: “Supermarkets have recalled Chinese-made Nestle milk powder after it was found to be contaminated with an industrial chemical.”

“Hong Kong’s two major supermarket chains took the product off shelves after a newspaper reported it contains melamine, which can cause kidney stones and renal failure in young children.”

Latest from CNN - Almost 13,000 children have become sick after ingesting tainted milk. There have been several deaths reported by Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency. “In addition, nearly 40,000 other infants and young children have received outpatient medical treatment and consultation as a result of the tainted milk, Xinhua reported on Sunday.”

The CNN article concludes with the words: “Melamine is the same industrial contaminant from China that poisoned and killed thousands of U.S. dogs and cats last year. The chemical, a byproduct of plastic manufacturing, can be used to mimic high-protein additives.”

I drank Nesquik as a child in Barbados. So did my brother and sister.

The FDA has just completed a big search for contaminated milk in the US, but none was found.

Last year about 365 people died in Panama after after taking cough syrup from China. I hope that Barbados is carefully checking the food and medicine supply.

Of Chinese Products, Powdered Milk Not the Only Poison