The Nation News ran a story called “Appeal to the rich “. Here is a quote:

Prime Minister David Thompson on Sunday night revealed plans to set up a foundation and appeal to rich foreigners to put money in it in order to assist in building the proposed hospital and contribute to future ventures for the people of Barbados.


Will the Rich Oblige Mr. Thompson?

Most rich people are shrewd investors, otherwise they would not be able to hold on to their wealth. Most rich people demand accountability of every dollar spent. Prime Minister Thompson may not be able to deliver accountability without Integrity Legislation.


Rumours of Government Ministers benefitting from Public Contracts

The People’s Democratic Congress made a comment on Barbados Underground on October 1, 2008 at 8:16 am. Here is a quote:

Talk about integrity in public life!! We have recently been hearing that there is a DLP Cabinet Minister who has NOT too long ago got the contract to operate the canteen at the St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School, at Richmond’s Gap, St. Michael. Too, we have also been hearing rumours that there is another DLP Cabinet Minister who has got control of four canteens in the secondary school system in Barbados.

Under current Barbadian law, this is not illegal. Under current law, it might even be possible for Government Ministers to own companies involved in the building of a new hospital.

A rich non-Barbadian could give millions to build a new general hospital, but he might not be happy if he later discovered that some of his money went to companies owned by Government Ministers.