I came across this Sep. 11, 2008, article on the Telegraph. Here is a quote:


“Police here in Barbados are very, very strict. Wrongdoers get no mercy!” chortles the minibus driver as we cross the island from airport to hotel. “Prison here is kill or cure. Usually kills you, ha ha! But if you do get out you won’t want to go back in again! And that’s the way we like it!”

This is wonderful news about crime in Barbados, but are accurate crime statistics being kept?

Crime may be low, but is harassment hurting tourism?Here are three quotes taken in sequence from Frommers:


Worst of all though was the CONSTANT HARASSMENT on the hotel beach not only by people selling things but also by guys who were simply trolling. They were rude, vulgar and hard to get rid of. I was told to ‘f off’ and to ‘get an f’ing life’ when I told them to leave us alone. Any single woman who was reasonably attractive was fair game. The hotel manager said many girls go off with them so they’ve come to expect you to say yes. Hotel security just stood there looking at these guys for the longest time before finally running them off but they were back again the next day.


We were only there for a cruise stop, but I agree thoroughly about the hostile, abusive, and harassing locals.


sorry to hear about your trip from hell, I was planning in going to visit Barbados, but after reading your posting I seriously doubt I want to go there.