Ugly rumours have been circulating about former Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley. Keltruth Corp. appreciates that Mia has confronted these rumours and put them to rest.

According to today’s Guardian, Mia has sucessfully sued Country Life magazine. Here is a quote:

Country Life magazine has agreed to pay substantial damages and legal costs to the former deputy prime minister of Barbados for falsely suggesting that she assaulted another woman.


Keltruth Corp. Exercises Great Care

Keltruth Corp. is always very careful in what it publishes. It will never publish something that it knows is false. It obtains documentation, and then interprets it. Even though it has run hard-hitting stories on many prominent politicians, not one has offered to sue! Not one has even offered corrections to any of the stories! Not one has taken up Keltruth’s offer that it will publish other sides of the many stories.

When identifiable organizations publish false and defamatory stories, they are often sued. If the Bajan politicians could sue Keltruth Corp., they would. They can’t sue so they keep quiet. This must be very frustrating for such powerful people.