Nitin Amersey was known the world over as the Godfather of Cotton, but learned a hard lesson in Barbados.

On September 25th, 1988, Barbados newpapers announced a grand joint business venture between several Caribbean governments and Canadian investor Nitin Amersey.

Everything was happy and wonderful. This deal brought employment opportunities plus a chance for Barbados to earn foreign exchange. Read the entire Cool Deal article here.


Ten years later, everything is in turmoil. Lawyers’ letters are flying between Barbados and Japan. The cotton business is disastrously ruined for everyone. The Canadian investor has fled with his family after threats and an unsuccessful arson attempt.

Barbados Government soldiers seized millions of dollars worth of machinery and product - in direct violation of a Barbados court order!

What happened? How was the profitable cotton industry destroyed? Government is struggling to bring cotton back. The Canadian investor sued, and after a long battle, was eventually victorious in a civil suit.

We have been given access to thousands of legal documents related to this case. In the next few weeks we are going to try to make sense of what happened and what lessons can be learned by foreign investors hoping of doing business in Barbados today.

Here is one of the lawyers’ letters to whet your appetite. Strange coincidence! Many of these names appear in another lawsuit where fraud is alleged!

We have just taken a brief look at the documents. Whether or not we can figure them out remains to be seen.

One thing is sure - many big shots’ feathers will be badly ruffled! There will be plenty of excitement when we publish. It will be a wild ride.

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