Keltruth Corp. has received reports that a teenage Russian girl has been found dead in the parish of St. John, Barbados.

The house she was living in has been burned. It seems to me that it is likely that a murder has been committed. Furthermore the fire is either related or a tremendous coincidence.

This report will be updated later today.

Update: CBC - Teenager killed at Palmers Plantation House

Police are investigating what they consider to be the unnatural death of a 16 year old girl.

The body of Anna Druzhinina, was discovered at the scene of a fire at Palmer’s Plantation House St John, just before midnight.

Lawmen say the teenager was bound and had injuries to the upper part of her body.

Keltruth Corp. notes that on the same night there were three cases of arson.This is most disturbing viewed in the light of the history of arson, threats of arson and violent threats. (see links below)

Will this shame the Barbados Police force to actively pursue the violent threats against my family? Or will it be business as usual?

Update #2: Is this the facebook of the deceased girl? The photo on CBC seems to be cropped from the photograph on the left.

Update #3: Anna Druzhinina’s Tragic Death Ignored by Press

I am dismayed at the lack of outrage over the death of this young girl who was so full of life. What is going on? Any news of the investigation?

Update #4: CORRECTION: Anna Druzhinina’s Tragic Death was Carried in the Nation’s Print Version but not Online

Here is a snip from the Nation story. I guess you will have to buy the paper!

Nation News story