Source: Shane Sealy of CBC

The Royal Barbados Police Force appears to be making progress in the death of 16-year-old Anna Druzhinina. From what I am hearing, I think that more information will be available tomorrow.

Police are questioning a man in relation to the death of a 16-year-old girl in St. John over the weekend.

The body of 16-year-old Anna Druzhinina, was discovered in a room at Palmers Plantation House which was damaged by fire just before midnight on Sunday.

This crime has really shaken me up badly. I have lived much of my early life in the country. This personalizes the tragedy. I once had a close call myself, but most of the time I felt safe. The threats against me and my family were already working on my mind. My outlook changed - I was not safe. Now this horrible crime. I pray that God will give this poor girl’s parents the strength to deal with it.

I also pray for God to keep everybody in Barbados safe. I urge everyone to exercise great caution until we are sure that the killer is behind bars. I am very concerned about my family.

Update 11/12/08: Nation Newspaper puts the story online today - Police seeking help to solve cases


Important change to story

CBC had reported that a man had been held in connection with the death. Today’s Nation report states: “A man is assisting the Police with investigations into the death of 16 year-old Anna Druzhinina.

The Nation article further states: [Update: I have added two hyperlinks below]

“However, no progress has been made in finding Jamaican Kamal Lorenzo Jennings, who escaped from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on October 23, or Troy Tyronne Stanford of Deacon’s Farm, St Michael, who escaped custody on September 2. He was charged with the murder of Matthew Joseph on the June 15.”

Update: Voice Of Barbados - Man questions [sic] in arson murder

Police are also reporting significant progress in their investigations into a robbery at KFC Speightstown on Sunday night.

Two men reportedly entered the restaurant brandishing cutlasses and escaped by boarding a Bridgetown-bound bus.