The Barbadian media have been very reticent to report the details on the story of the death of 16-year-old Anna Druzhinina. News reports have been very sketchy, and I am very cautious about passing on some of the information which I have received.

Many Barbadians feel that any reporting of the news is an invasion of privacy, and shows a lack of respect for the parents of the deceased. My feeling is that closure is very important, and that if the general public is informed they may be able to help.

On Barbados Free Press, I asked the question if an arrest had been made. I received this reply from an anonymous blogger:

the informer
November 14, 2008 at 5:53 pm

a person is being held.The thing is the house where the murder took place has some massive size dogs,and they r always loose.The person who committed the murder was able to walk pass them because they knew him and did not harm him.Also the girls dad owns a business in Black Rock and he is originally from the uk,where as she and her mother are from russia.He was a business owner in uk as well before he cam bim.hope that clarifies a bit

The information in this reply is consistent with other information that I had previously received, except that I cannot confirm that someone is being held. It is customary for Plantation Homes in Barbados to be protected by large dogs. One commenter implied that “assisting with investigations” meant “being detained”! I hope the Bajan Cops are not putting people into jail without charging them! There is another unsubstantiated report on BFP circulating that claims the killer knew the family.

November 14, 2008 at 7:34 pm

Sympathy to the family.

This is pure here say, but I was told that the Guyanese man being held had threatened revenge on the girls stepfather after some kind of business altercation with him, (I think the Guyanese man worked for him). It’s the most terrible tragedy, and if its revenge, he should have taken it out on the stepfather not the daughter.

These reports are anonymous. Why do I report them? Anna Druzhinina was well known in Barbados. Her parents are well known. Her step-father is a business man (Solo Trading Inc.). Much of the information regarding this case is passing via private telephone calls and face to face conversations. People are staying clear of the media.

Keltruth Corp. is Unable to Verify the Facts of this Case

Barbadians are suspicious of outsiders. When I hear that a person from Guyana is a suspect, I am cautious.

This afternoon, a call was made to the Royal Barbados Police Force hotline - 246-429-8787. No one answered. Another call was made - still no answer. There have been no official reports stating that anyone has been arrested. Even if someone had been arrested, the RBPF does not have a good track record in preventing convicts from escaping.

Outsiders to Barbados may find this lack of reporting unusual, but I would advise them to think of the situation as if the island is one large family. The Barbados family considers this murder a private matter that should not be publicly discussed. (One person commented that the press report of the crime was like “an obituary”, and had no feeling for the victim and few details. This is in contrast with how a murder would be reported in Miami - see example.)

Anna lived at Palmer’s Plantation House, which is a lovely old Barbadian mansion near the East Coast of Barbados. Here is a quote from Explore Barbados:

Palmer's Great House

Click on the image below to see a photograph of the house on CBC. Palmer's Great House

This old house exudes tranquility. No sign of folklore’s evil duppies or men turning into dogs. Now the old mansion is stained by this tragic death.

I Hope that There is a Huge Turnout to Pay Respect to the Deceased

Another anonymous blogger has stated that there will be a vigil at Accra Beach, one of Anna’s favourite places.

Alexandra the Great
November 14, 2008 at 7:01 pm
... Anyway, for those locals who care, a candlelight vigil for Anna will be held from 5pm on Saturday, Nov 15 at Accra Beach. Please bring your own candle if you plan to attend. Thanks.

I urge everyone who can attend to do so.