German Student Kills 16 People

Now Public, March 11: 16 Killed In German School Shooting, 9 Pupils, 5 Adults, & Gunman

The shooter, named by German media as Tim Kretschmer, killed nine students and three teachers at his old school in Winnenden, near Stuttgart.

Eight of the students were teenage girls and two of the teachers were women, the interior minister of the Baden Wuerttemberg region revealed at a news conference.

Lone Gunman Kills 11 in Southern Alabama, USA

ABC News - At Least 11 Killed in Alabama Shooting Spree

At least 11 people were shot dead Tuesday afternoon in southern Alabama by a lone gunman, according to the FBI.
Authorities say at least 10 people have been killed including the gunman.

The suspect, identified early Wednesday morning as Michael McLendon of Kinston, Ala., took his own life after leaving a trail of bloodshed across two towns.