Update Apr 28: Heard on TV news - Polo ponies were accidentally injected with too much Selenium.

Update Apr 23: - Dead Florida polo ponies were given botched meds

Polo team captain: Vitamin likely killed 21 horses

By Brian Haas and Missy Diaz | SunSentinel.com 2:50 PM EDT, April 22, 2009

WELLINGTON - The top player of Lechuza Caracas told an Argentine newspaper that the team’s 21 horses were likely killed by a compound commonly given to the horses before polo matches — a vitamin mixture the U.S. Federal Drug Administration says is probably illegal in the United States.

“We have no doubt about the origin of the problem,” Juan Martín Nero told the newspaper. “There were five horses that were not given the vitamin and they’re the only ones that are fine.”

Update April 22 - Dead polo horses had bleeding, investigators find

BY BRIAN HAAS Sun Sentinel  April 22, 2009

WELLINGTON, Fla. — University scientists found hemorrhaging during necropsies of 21 polo horses that mysteriously died in Wellington.

But what killed the prized horses continued to elude investigators.

Huffington Post: - 21 Polo Horses Die At Florida Match

BRIAN SKOLOFF | April 20, 2009 04:48 PM EST | AP

WELLINGTON, Fla. — The sudden death of 21 polo horses at a championship event in Florida may have been caused by a toxin in the animals’ feed, vitamins or supplements, veterinarians said Monday.

The horses from the Venezuelan-owned team Lechuza Caracas became ill just before a tournament match Sunday, collapsing and dying on the scene or while being treated at vet clinics or transported, officials said.

Palm Beach Post - Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office now investigating death of horses in Wellington


Monday, April 20, 2009

KISSIMMEE — It will take a couple of days before results reveal what killed 21 horses in Wellington on Sunday, but top veterinarian pathologists expect it was some sort of toxin that caused the mass deaths.

Five horses were brought to Kissimmee on Sunday night, and a sixth arrived Monday morning, where pathologists will examine the horses and perform necropsies.

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