I am extremely impressed by the stand that Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo has taken with regard to combating human trafficking in Barbados. It may have taken a woman’s compassion to answer the cries of the unfortunate victims of this crime.

Compassion is not enough. It takes tremendous courage to fight the organizations behind trafficking. Dr. Byer-Suckoo, you are a true heroine. You have taken a stand that will benefit millions of poor people worldwide. Barbados has always been a world leader, and I am sure that other countries will adopt the anti-trafficking legislation that you will get passed.

Here are the words of Dr. Byer-Suckoo, as reported by CBC, April 22, 2009, Junior Evanson - Barbados is a destination for human traffickers:

“We must face the facts; Barbados is one of the more economically stable and prosperous islands in the Caribbean. This makes it very attractive to prospective human traffickers and as such we have been categorised as a destination country for trafficking of victims by reports of The International Organisation on Migration and the US State Department.

“Some of us know of the diverse nationalities that ply their trade in our red light districts, we know of the sub-human living conditions that some non-national agricultural and construction workers endure, the exploitation stories of some ex-patriot domestic workers, and the extremes that some of our Caricom counterparts go to in order to arrive on our shores.”

Dr. Byer-Suckoo, I salute you as a compassionate and courageous Statesperson!