I came across two West Indians  in the news. One, a judge, is a Bajan, and the other, a political activist, may have ties to Barbados.

Nation, May 10 - Bajan a top judge

A BARBADIAN has just been named to a top judicial position in New York City.

She is New York State Supreme Court Judge Sylvia Hinds-Radix, who has been appointed administrative judge for civil matters in Kings County, Brooklyn.

Political Activist Louis Farrakhan

He [Farrakhan] was raised by his Barbados-born mother in the working-class, heavily West Indian Boston neighborhood of lower Roxbury - right alongside heavily Jewish upper Roxbury. As a young violin student, he went on to Gates, “all my heroes were Jewish. The greatest was Jascha Heifetz, and I loved him then and I love him now.”

Hear what the BBC had to say about Farrakhan:

This was the man who had described Judaism as “a gutter religion”, characterised Christianity as an oppressive faith linked to the slavery of black people and called Adolf Hitler “great”, although he said later that he had meant “wickedly great”.

On the other hand, according to this report, Louis Farrakhan: A Mixed-Race Jew?, on the Study of Racialism, Farrakhan claims Jewish ancestry:

Farrakhan explained that his father was very light-skinned and had straight hair, and that his mother had told him his father’s parentage was, in fact, white Portuguese. Then he said, “I’m going to tell you something. You really want to know what I think? I think they were members of the Jewish community.” This sounds like a fantastical joke, but it is highly probable, given what we know about migration to the West Indies. Orlando Patterson, a historical sociologist at Harvard, who has made a study of merchant populations in the islands, confirms that nearly all people of Iberian descent in Jamaica and Barbados, even today, are of Sephardic Jewish ancestry.
Farrakhan goes on to state that “If in my lineage there are Jews, I would hope that in the end, before my life is over, I not only will have rendered a service to my own beloved community of black people but will also have rendered a service to the Jewish community.”

This source says Farrakhan was born with the name “Louis Eugene Walcott”, and he was “the son of an old-fashioned immigrant from Barbados”. This book says his mother was Mae Clarke from Barbados. Caribbean Net News says: “Minister Farrakhan was born Louis Eugene Walcott to a Kittitian mother on May 11, 1933, in Roxbury, Massachusetts.” Neither NNDP nor Wikipedia support the Bajan ancestry theory.

The overall consensus is that Farrakhan’s mother, Sarah Mae Manning, was from St. Kitts, and his natural father, Percival Clarke, was from Jamaica. Where did his stepfather, Louis Walcott, hail from?

It is interesting to note that Manning, Clarke and Walcott are all common Bajan names, so Farrakhan may yet have some remote connection to Barbados. A more likely explanation is that many Americans are not familiar with the West Indies. All reports agree that Louis Farrakhan is of West Indian descent.