I was told that it might be dangerous for me to visit the “Branch Davidian Compound” at 1781 Double EE Ranch Road in Elk, Waco, Texas. However, I felt that no visit to Waco would be complete without viewing this historic site.  I had originally intended to enter the compound and interview members of the sect. After the warning I thought a drive by would be more prudent. Here is what I saw through the entrance gates:

Some are not welcome:

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Here is a quote from the Waco Tribune, USA, Feb. 3, 2007 that talks about the new buildings:

“The old ways (of David Koresh) are finished, and the Lord is doing a new thing,” said the elder Feight, a Branch Davidian since 1971. He also identified himself as a U.S. Navy veteran and a former Baptist missionary to the Caribbean

The elder Feight said the current Branch believers want to erase the stigma of cult behavior from Waco by disassociating themselves from the guns, drugs, polygamy and “sorcery” of the Koresh band.

Two neat little wooden houses stated that these people are not rich, but that they are industrious:

These people appear to be religious. Sunday service is in progress.

Dr. Sharon Smith mentioned in her resume that she was involved with the Branch Davidian debacle. I wonder if she ever questions the way the government dealt with this situation.