Is this “Freedom of the Press” or is it “Window Dressing for the Canadian Action”?
It was most encouraging to see the printed media carry some articles that were critical of the government:
Hands off!” was one, and “We will defend the Constitution” was another.

Do you think that after all these years, the printed media has seen the light? We certainly hope so, as this would mean that people would not be forced to rely on free blogs to discover what is happening in their own country. Is this a major change of heart in favour of free speech, or is this a temporary tactic to convince the Canadian courts and the world that Barbados has a free press?

We are soon about to find out. In the wake of what appeared to be one of the most egregious forms of political censorship, columnist Adrian Loveridge, parted company with the Advocate. Here is the story. Also read Adrian Loveridge Needs Your Advice . The forementioned article states that he was offered a position at the Nation but they refused to print his first article, and I have not heard of any more articles. How will we know if we have a free press?

Rehiring Mr. Loveridge would be big step in the direction of the establishment of a free press. This would show good intent, but only if Mr. Loveridge’s muzzle is actually removed, will we know that we have a free press!