Nation News, 11/5/2009: No kicking bucket! The bizarre story of an apparent escape from a Barbados morgue has taken another turn. Mr. Scantlebury’s claim that he was put in a drawer in a cold room appears to be substantiated by the evidence. Regrettably after his ordeal, Mr. Scantlebury says he has received threats.

Scantlebury alleges that he woke up in a dark room that was “black and cold” after suffering an epileptic seizure, but was hazy as to the exact date. He claimed he kicked until whatever he was in slid out “like a drawer”. After this, he said, he walked out of the morgue and into the night wearing only a disposable diaper and pyjama bottoms. The hospital management on Monday initially denied in a radio broadcast that Scantlebury was ever in the hospital. However, chief executive officer Dr Dexter James in a later broadcast did say that Scantlebury was treated in the Accident & Emergency Department on (Sunday) September 20, 2009 and released the next day. Prescod, who had heard her friend was dead, was shocked when he turned up at her canteen on Tuesday, September 22, looking frail and worn, wearing a diaper and pyjama bottoms.


He added that since he went public with his claims, he had received threats and endured many sleepless nights.

You Only Live Twice - in Barbados?

Yes, there was a movie of this name. And yes, the scenario of escaping from a morgue could be part of a James Bond film, but this is not an amusing situation. You could be living twice if you were declared dead when you were actually alive. Will this matter ever be cleared up? I don’t think so.

Attempts to verify with the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Task Force that Scantlebury was indeed taken to hospital by ambulance when he collapsed, were not successful.

It was reported that Mr. Scantlebury was hospitalized after an epileptic seizure. It is unlikely that he walked into the hospital. How did he get there? The worst part of the story is the alleged threats. Who would want to threaten Mr. Scantlebury? It is my opinion (substantiated by my personal experiences) that threats are not taken seriously by the authorities in Barbados. Mistakes can happen, and unless corrective action is taken they will happen again. That is real scary!

Update 11/7/2009: Nation reporters implement Barbados Free Press suggestions – return to hospital morgue

Contrary to what the hospital authorities said at the press conference, escaping corpses don’t need an access card to leave.

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