I have rearranged the information and put the most recent at the top.

Update: 12/3/2007

Latest news I can find: Caribbean Net
Notes from the Margin has a good older report.

The below FEMA instructions are the best I have found:
What should I do before, during and after an earthquake. FEMA
Not more problems with Greenland Landfill!
Old news: Barbados Underground had published (Oct 12) an interesting map showing geological hot spots around the world.

Update: 12:37 PM EST
Look at these photos on BFP!
Heard that Independence Day Parade was fine.Friday Update 10:45am EST - Two more Quakes!
Before I say anything more, I wish to say that I contacted someone in Barbados, and was told that regarding these last two quakes no tremours were felt. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_big.php

MAP 5.1 2007/11/30 04:00:00 14.995 -61.275 150.7 MARTINIQUE REGION, WINDWARD ISLANDS
MAP 5.0 2007/11/29 19:34:46 15.102 -61.308 142.6 DOMINICA REGION, LEEWARD ISLANDS

Note the “Did you feel it?” page. Note: I see some felt it in Barbados.

From Caribbean360.com: FORT-DE-FRANCE, Martinique, November 30, 2007
Over 100 injured - 2 seriously - in earthquake

CNN Barbados - Report with Photo of Damage

Friday morning update:
Part of a building in St. George was swallowed up into the ground, but no lives were lost. Even the Parliament buildings in Bridgetown sustained some damage. There were many reports of employees running out of their places of employment in terror. There was one business where the bunker-like building is specially reinforced and virtually earthquake-proof, where the employees left the safety of this building to run outside during the earthquake. CBC ran vivid eye-witness reports last night. There was at least one death reported in Guadeloupe. CBC showed scientific data from the USGS site, which continues to be a great source of information worldwide.One scary phenomenon was that cell phones went dead immediately after the quake! Just when they were most needed!Our thoughts and prayers are with you.?

Thursday night update:
Eye-witness reports keep coming in. One college student reported being “absolutely terrified”. A young lady on the south coast reported “I was almost unable to stay on my feet with the shaking”. She was also afraid, but many older folks accepted everything in a more down-to-earth manner.One elderly friend’s first words on the phone were “Chile, the funniest thing happened today! I was outside feeding the dog, and I felt the ground shaking. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then my neighbour called in a state. Poor soul, she isn’t accustomed to anything like this.”Another older lady’s words: “I was writing my Christmas cards, and, you know, this is very late in the year to be writing Christmas cards. It is almost December. I heard a strange rumbling, and then the whole place started to shake. At first I was sure I was having a heart attack, but then I realised that the house was actually shaking. So I went outside and outside was shaking too.”One assertive woman driver we know was on the road near the north of the island, where presumably the tremours would have been stronger, but she was driving so assertively that she did not notice anything at all.Another lady was very surprised to hear of the earthquake, as she was “resting” and had not noticed anything. I remember this old Barbadian expression - I was often sent to “rest” after lunch when I was a little child - Americans call it “napping”.One woman reported that she was able to call her mother’s house right away, but not her friend’s cell phone. We would be interested in any reports of cell outages, or whether most cell phones were working OK. Of course, this may be a situation like another friend, who “just had to call a few people to check on them.” Her phone was busy for a while!

First report
We were stunned to hear of the Earthquake in Barbados. Hope no one is hurt, and that property damage is minimal. BU has news. Good work! AT&T, St. Lucia, VOB, Relief Web also. Our eyewitness reports have reported no damage, but stated that the tremours lasted a “long time”. will update this post with more news later.
Keep safe!