Barbados Elections - January 15th!

Grinch Why Did Prime Minister Owen Arthur Call an Early Snap Election?
The answer is simple. Mr. Arthur is being sued in court. Keltruth Corp. feels that Mr. Arthur is in a race against time, and that he wants to win the election before details of this story hit the printed media.

Some Christians will see Mr. Arthur’s announcement of early elections as an attack on one of the most important Christian Holidays. Some will view it as an attack on Christianity itself.

Don’t be surprised. The official blog of the BLP provides evidence that some members of the BLP have adopted the philosophy of Nietzsche. Nietzsche hated Christians. He wanted to eradicate Christianity. One BLP supporter posted a comment here implying that, while Mr. Arthur did not understand Nietzsche, his philosophy was in line with him. “Owen can use “Will to Power” and yet not understand Nietzsche.”

Is Mr. Arthur sacrificing Christmas for personal reasons? Is he sacrificing it because he might be a follower of Nietzsche? Or is he sacrificing it for the “good” of the Barbados Labour Party?

BLP idealogues may try to sugarcoat their philosophy, but read the last paragraph on this page. (site Fierce Language)

Nietzsche wrote: “I condemn Christianity. I raise against the Christian church the most terrible of all accusations that any accuser ever uttered. . . . The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its corruption; it has turned every value into an un-value, every truth into a lie, every integrity into a vileness of the soul. . . . “

The Church is not corrupt. Corruption thrives when people turn their backs on the Church.