Meeting with Richard Cox March 5th, 1998, 10am

Transcript of Tape Recording

Disclaimer: These are documents that were filed in court. The opinion of the judge appears to differ substantially from ours. While we are stating our own opinion here, we welcome and value comments. We would especially like to hear the opinions of those with an intimate knowledge of the case. Anonymous comments are most welcome.


  1. Page 1   Topics:

    1. Without prejudice
    2. Call for shareholders to put up total of $2M BACT
  2. Page 2   Topics: Spion Kop, Bact, Alleyndale

  3. Page 3   Topics: Spion Kop, Craigwell, Latitude Investments

  4. Page 4   Topics: Brydens, LOB, Royal Banking

  5. Page 5   Topics:

    1. "I'll be honest as we are talking in the strictest of confidence and without prejudice on either side."
    2. Discusses Iain Deane's resources. 


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