Nitin Amersey, Carsicot and Freedom

Why did I ask these questions?

  1. Who ordered the BDF to seize Carsicot’s assets?
  2. Why was this order given?
  3. Was this order authorized by the courts?

Who ordered wiretapping in America?

You probably know the answer to that. President George Bush took the responsibility for this and defended his actions. Many people wanted to sue Bush, but the point was that these actions were made public for the people to have their say on the balance between surveillance and safety.

Who ordered wiretapping in Barbados?

Who knows? My research suggests that the USA gave sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment to Barbados to curtail the international drug trade. I suspect that another set of equipment was given by the US on the occasion of the Cricket World Cup. The Government of Barbados has not made a statement on electronic surveillance of the general public. The Government has the equipment - is it being used on you? If your phone is tapped, how will the information be used? The people are kept in the dark and cannot make the decision on the balance between surveillance and safety.

Nitin Amersey should be listened to for the following reasons:

  1. Amersey Damoder has been in business as a raw cotton merchant firm for over 180 years. Link
  2. The Barbados Government’s actions of seizure in Barbados and investigation in Canada appear to be irregular.
  3. Most importantly, Mr. Amersey was vindicated.

Disturbing that we have heard nothing from the Government

Multiple millions of Bajan money down the drain - the Barbadian Government disgraced in the eyes of the international community - why do we have to get our news from foreign newspapers? Where is the media?

Maybe it was perfectly legal. Maybe the Prime Minister has the power to overrule the courts and send in the defence force. Maybe we have a secret constitution that the public has not seen. Unless the Government starts talking, we will never know. Unless the people pressure the Government for action, we will have to rely on Mr. Amersey and the foreign press.

The Terrible Consequences

The consequences of allowing the Government to operate in secrecy are clearly apparent. The Government will do as it pleases without having to answer for its actions. One day, you might lose your job because you supported the wrong party, or your business might be seized because the Government wanted it. You might lose your inheritance. The freedom to differ would be lost. Barbados might be impoverished by Government actions.

I am optimistic that Mr. Thompson’s new government will be open with the media and the public, and that we will enter a new era of transparency.

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