Update: 3:00pm EST, 8 Feb 2008

Relief! Kadri has commented below! He appears to be fine, although he will be missed on the local blogging scene.

On the other hand Don Mitchell CBE QC at Corruption Free Anguilla has been sued for libel. Mr. Mitchell provided a copy of the claim. He stated:
I hope you will understand if my attorneys would prefer if there were no comments on this matter on this blog while the suit is still pending.

The claim quotes two paragraphs from a 4th July, 2007 post on Mitchell’s blog. Mitchell gave an apology on 14th, November, 2007:

This case should be of great interest to all bloggers, especially those of us whose identities are not concealed! BFP had mentioned the topic of libel in 2006.

An Outspoken Young Man
Kadri Walcott
was an idealistic blogger who was always willing to share his knowledge and his opinion. He was very outspoken, and appeared to hold nothing back. It is likely that his criticisms may have angered some powerful people. Kadri like to write in the Bajan vernacular, but that did not detract from his message. His inside knowledge of the Royal Barbados Police Force, his international exposure and his familiarity with the Bajan scene made it a necessity to read his comments.Message Saying Site Would be Discontinued

link -> http://kadriwalcottonline.com
It is conspicuous that no reason is given for the closure.


Mr. Walcott seemed to be very involved with the blogging scene, so I think it is unlikely that he just decided to quit on his own. If Mr. Walcott has been silenced, he may be unable to reply to this post. Other blogs have shut down. A quick way to silence a blog in Barbados would be to threaten to bring a libel suit, but there are other ways.

Brutal Machete Attack

Mr. Walcott had recently posted a story on his website concerning a brutal machete attack that he had experienced. There is no indication that this attack was linked to Kadri’s blogging activites, but since three men were involved it does raise the question of motive.

I hope that someone else knows the story and will comment here.

kadri January 3rd, 2008 at 6:29 am - comment on this blog
actually police do investigate, i wont lie, some say stuff like, “man leff dum let dum …”

Kadri Walcott
December 11, 2007 at 8:21 pm - Comment on BFP
i bearly get to pick hay now all hell brekking loose at all corners, anyone can contact me via email at kadri at kadriwalcottonline.com
deze political blogs got me days behind wuk and ppl complaining lol?

Kadri Walcott // December 9, 2007 at 2:12 pm - Comment on BU
i live in st john on de far east, and de water up hay does be off like de sun in de sky, well not for a while now and i feel it has something to do with my lil experience.

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