Senator John McCain tortured by Cubans in Vietnam!

Almost everybody in America knows that Arizona Senator John McCain was tortured while he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. This is old news, but now he is publicizing that the torture was helped by Fidel Castro’s Cubans. McCain implies that the Cubans were training the Vietnamese in the techniques of torture.

Castro Denies Charge

Fidel Castro tried to discredit McCain’s statement, but McCain replied:


“For me to respond to Fidel Castro who…is one of the most brutal dictators on Earth, for me to dignify any comments he might make is certainly beneath me”

Is it true?Senator McCain further stated that several other POWs had seen Cubans involved in torture, so if McCain’s statement is untrue it will come out. Here is a quote from the article above:


“The same year as McCain’s book, the torture by a Cuban agent in Vietnam was also documented in Honor Bound, a book published with the assistance of the Department of Defense. Almost daily for one year,”Fidel”
bound prisoners in ropes and wire and whipped them with strips cut from rubber tires until their buttocks ”hung in shreds,” the book said.One prisoner was kicked so violently that he went into a catatonic state and
later died. Another was found lying unconscious on a cell floor after a beating, ”a bleeding, broken, bruised mass,” according to the book.”

Further reasons why it might be true:

  1. McCain is unlikely to tell a lie which could be discredited.
  2. Violence against people is Castro’s nature. Torture is a form of violence.
  3. Castro has a history of “exporting the revolution”.
  4. Cuba has had good relations with Viet Nam for 45 years. (Not only China supported Viet Nam during the war.)
  5. Cuba has a history of training the Vietnamese people.

But Fidel Castro is Owen Arthur’s Friend. He could not be bad!

I was very concerned that Mr. Arthur had fallen into bad company. I think Owen Arthur has a lot of bad friends. I hope that Mia does not continue these friendships.

I live in Miami and I have never met a Cuban who supported Castro. I have a
friend who spent over 10 years in Castro’s jails. He still managed to pull his life
together after he came to Miami. He was a Christian and a family man. To find out what the revolution was like, see it from the perspective of a native Cuban.