A Pleasant Late Afternoon Trip

The Wading Pool

We went with some friends for a late afternoon drive to Matheson Hammock
Park. When we arrived the park was closed, but we told the guard that we were
just going to drive around.

Our first stop was the wading pool - the water is too shallow for swimming.
This is a good place to fish the grass flats. You can also launch a canoe or
kayak from here.

Americans are very concerned that you may hurt the crocodiles. (This park has
both fresh water alligators and endangered salt water crocodiles.)

The Swimming Beach

There is a pool through which sea water is circulated. These palm trees are
on the perimeter of this pool.

The light was fading fast, but I managed to take this silhouette.

I don’t swim here, but it is good to see that the government is checking.

Additional Facilities

There are several excellent concrete boat ramps, a marina, large wooded areas, a fresh water pond and a restaurant.

Mangrove Swamp

Most of the woods are mangrove swamps like Graeme Hall. Mangroves are highly protected here, as they are seen as critical to the environment. They serve as hatcheries for much of the fish life. The West Coast of Barbados once had several Mangrove Swamps. If Barbados loses the last of the Mangroves, it may have an adverse impact on fishing.