Failed switch and fire

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — “A failed switch and fire at an electrical substation outside Miami triggered widespread blackouts across Florida on Tuesday, cutting off power for nearly 1 million customers across most of the state, a utility executive said.”

Nuclear Reactors Shut Down

“The substation trouble set off a sequence of events that within two to three minutes had knocked numerous power plants off-line — including the Turkey Point nuclear power plant south of Miami. Olivera said Turkey Point’s two nuclear reactors and a natural gas-powered generation unit automatically shut down when the plant’s systems detected a fluctuation in the power grid.”

I heard that the blackouts extended to south of Orlando, and that there were also outages from Daytona Beach to the Florida Keys.

Many businesses here in Miami switched to backup power and kept running. In my office, the computers did not lose power, but the lights went out for a few minutes until the generator kicked in. I was using my cell phone to light up the keyboard.

This afternoon, reports seem to suggest that FP&L was remotely turning off residential air-conditioning units. Tonight, the air-conditioning is back on.