Joe’s River - Dirty Mouth

This is a photo of the mouth of the mighty Joe’s River. It looks like an idea area for a kid to play, but unfortunately this area is heavily polluted.

Joe's River

Joe’s River runs through the last remaining rainforest in Barbados, according
to Richard Goddard’s letter:

Thirdly, in the area of Joe’s River, behind the Edgewater Hotel, there is a large quantity of solid waste which has been dumped. It is there where the old railway bridge crosses the river, and although not visible from the road, any Public Health Inspector doing the job for which he is paid, should have found this years ago.

Although I never thought of it as a rainforest, I have been enjoying this area since I was a child. Even then, there was garbage around. It is a shame for it to be a health hazard.

Hazard for swimmers along this coast

There are several areas on the East Coast where polluted waters are entering the sea. I have been told that some of the sea pools in the area have very high levels of bacteria.

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