2002 Government Crime Survey Shows Barbados had one of the Lowest National Crime Rates in 2001

With all the news about robberies in the island, I decided to look at the
Government figures.

There is good news, bad news and worst news.

  • Good news - the Government says that there is very little robbery
    and crime in Barbados
  • Bad news - burglary rates are high
  • Worst news - our Government classifies retail crime, fraud, drug
    crimes as victimless crimes


Here is the good news - robbery

Here is an excerpt from the Main findings claiming that Barbados has
one of the lowest crime rates in the world:

The Bad News - Burglary Rates are High

Who is at risk?

According to the graph below, if you are a rich Caucasian, you are twice as likely to be burgled. (On the other hand, your risk of being robbed is far less than the average).

The Worst News

The worst news is that Government officials in 2002 classified fraud as
a victimless crime. Incredible! This implies that if you have suffered due to fraud,
you are not a victim! In my view, this legitimizes fraud. It’s naughty, but
nobody gets hurt, is what I am hearing.

Were these figures accurate?

As youngsters, we felt Barbados was safe. As teenagers, we heard of people
that we knew being murdered and raped. Many of our friends and family in
Barbados have been victims of crime. I now live in what is supposed to be one of the
most dangerous cities, yet very few of our friends here have experienced crime.
My perception is that the crime statistics for 2001 were inaccurate and that the
situation is worsening.

What is your view? I am especially interested to hear your views on retail crime, fraud, drug crimes being classified as victimless crimes!