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I was in the midst of writing an article entitled “Barbados Cop Waits 3 Years to be Cleared in Fatal Shooting”, when I noticed that the article was too long. I decided to break it up into two parts.

Read the main article. Here is the “Additional Reading” part:

Fundamentals of Firearms ID

“Studies have shown that no two firearms, even those of the same make and model, will
produce the same unique marks on fired bullets and cartridge cases. Manufacturing processes, use, and abuse leave surface characteristics within the firearm that cannot be exactly reproduced in other firearms.

Firearms do not normally change much over time. This allows for firearms recovered months or even years after a shooting to be identified as having fired a specific bullet or cartridge case. Tests have been conducted that found that even after firing several hundred rounds through a firearm the last bullet fired could still be identified to the

It should be noted that not all firearms leave consistent reproducible marks. But overall it has been my experience that around eighty percent of the firearms that I examine produce what is sometimes called a “mechanical fingerprint” on the bullets and cartridge cases that pass through them.”

The Glock Pistol Originally Developed for Military Use

“When, in the early 1980s, the Austrian Army requested a pistol model, Glock responded with the Glock 17, a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol.”

More on Muzzle Blast

“The missile is not the only object that emanates from the firearm. Expanding gas produced by the burning of the powder, which actually pushes the missile out of the bore of the firearm, bursts forth from the, muzzle with great velocity, causing the audible report associated with discharge. Powder grains are also blown out of the muzzle; these may be partially burned or completely unburned. Thus, gas, powder and missile are all actually forced out of the bore of the weapon in any discharge of a firearm.”

Moon Conditions on the Night of the Shooting

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Moon’s age
(days): 6

Distance (Earth radii): 58.89

Percent Illumination 42.30%

Ecliptic latitude (degrees): -1.45

Ecliptic longitude (degrees): 227.40

Are Glocks the right gun for SAPOL?


“I have been lobbying for years for the adoption of safer handguns for police use (I wrote a 168-page paper on police handguns for the Human Rights Coalition), but have been met with a stone wall.”