The Tides around Barbados

Christoph Parker and Hazel A. Oxenford of Bellairs Research Institute, McGill University, Holetown, St. James, Barbados, have co-authored a paper on the topic Environment and development in coastal regions and in small islands - Barbados

Here is a figure from the paper. I had always thought that the tide flowed North on the west coast of St. Lucy. The figure implies the opposite. I have added a red line showing a possible path of water from the East Coast (St. Andrew) to the West Coast (St. Peter). My red line is based on the direction of the tide direction arrows. If you live or swim near this red line, it may be possible for contaminated water from St. Andrew to reach you.

Fig. 1. Map of Barbados with postulated current patterns and locations of CARICOMP sites. (redrawn from Younglao, 1988; based on studies by Murray et al., 1977; Peck, 1978.) (Click on the figure to read the full article.)

Only a Few are Protesting - Why?

Many Barbadians are afraid to speak out. Many are just plain afraid. All Barbadians know that there are consequences when you criticize the Government.

Non-Violent Methods of Persuasion

Our next article will examine how the tools of Governance can be “legally” used to discourage citizens from making waves.