The name of Richard Goddard is familiar to many Barbadians. He has been battling the previous Government for years - since 1982! One time, he actually sued the Government to prevent a dump being situated in a National Park. Here are a couple of outrageous Goddard stories to get the ball rolling! The first story took place years ago.

“Mr. Goddard, Put up the Dogs!”

It’s Monday morning. Inspectors turn up at Richard’s property asking for his dogs to be locked up, so that they may come into his yard. Richard responds:
“I already put up the dogs. I was expecting you.”

One of the inspectors replies:
“But our visit is a secret. How you know we were coming?”

Richard comes back with:
“I knew you were coming because I filed suit against your minister at 3 p.m. Friday!”

Retribution is expected in the island; quoting Gary Cole, “a common Barbadian saying that i got a board house so i cant say anything”.

Has the Recent Change in Government Changed the Situation?

It appears that under the new DLP Government, attempts are still being made to persuade Richard Goddard to keep quiet. According to Barbados Free Press, a civil service insider wrote this comment recently:
“As for Goddard, if he tries to go on Greenland again sans permission, he may have a very rude awakening - as no Admin will be taking any more crap from the St Andrew pig-farmer who stinks out his neighbours in the pursuit of methane electricity - let him look to his own mote, beware!” (2008)

Note that while Mr. Goddard keeps chickens, and does not keep pigs, he is characterized as a pig farmer.

Yes, things have improved under the new government. The blatant racism has been removed from the invective. Here is what a prominent Minister of the previous BLP administration had to say about Richard Goddard:

“I take extreme offense at a Caucasian male telling me, as a Minister of Government in modern Barbados, that he is going to threaten to embarrass a national government in this way. It is completely unacceptable” (1995)

Don’t believe me? Here is the video clip with the former Environment Minister, Liz Thompson, a.k.a. the Honourable Elizabeth Thompson, spitting out the words “Caucasian male” as if she were saying “Devil incarnate”!

Devil in the Details

These few anecdotes illustrate the problem, but we should also examine the details. In my next post, I’ll answer some of these questions:
What did the experts recommend?
What is the health danger to you personally?
What can you do to protect yourself?
Who is in charge?

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