Around August 2007, Barbados Free Press Exposed burst on the scene, with a look-alike version of the Barbados Free Press site. They even copied BFP’s custom logo! This plagiarism appeared to be designed to confuse the public, and to draw traffic from BFP by deception. One of BFPE’s first posts was “The Sad Demise of Barbados Free Press”.

Shock! BLP links to those making threats!

In “The Sad Demise of Barbados Free Press”, BFPE comes out spewing words like “Sweet Slaughterhouse September!!!!”.
Let’s get the context straight. We are not talking about teenagers joking around on the net. We are talking about a political environment where:

  • anonymous violent threats are conspicuously being made by public comments on the blogs, especially on BFP and BU.
  • comments posted by BFPE advocating murder, arson and rape.
  • at least one shot was fired at the home of a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) election candidate, and faeces were smeared at her business.

Clip from BFPE. After this attack, BLP linked to this site.


How Did the BLP React to this Vitriol?

Did the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government issue search warrants or subpoenas? Did the BLP condemn this vulgar site? No. After reading this hateful message, they placed a hyperlink to BFPE on their official site! See below. (For details see my previous post on BFPE.)

Here is a clip from the official BLP website (taken March 26, 2008).
I have put a red arrow and a circle to identify the offensive link.


BFPE - Then and Now

After the BLP linked, BFPE turned up the heat with this title:
“BFPE launches Operation Inch Marlowe”. This is kicked off by an insignificant one line post. The damage is done by the content in the comments. (This may be a feeble attempt by BFPE to disclaim these comments.)

  • “… Oh, what fun it is to burn
    A hotel to the ground …”
  • “Shut to hell up, fool.
    Stinking Loveridge deserves a slow and painful death. I hope the *censored* suffers.”

As arson attempts had already been made, I interpret these as death threats by burning. I take these threats personally, as some were sent as a comment to the blog of Keltruth Corp. That was then, after BLP linked. Now BFPE administrators have their own logo. Their last post:

“Barbados Free Press is nothing more than a blog run by someone who is an uneducated asshole and insufferable idiot.”

Earlier this year:

“We are extremely pleased that a BLACK BAJAN has been selected to hold this position. We believe quite strongly that there is no place for white foreigners in the government of our beloved country, and the message must be sent loud and clear that “massa day done”.”


What is the Implication of the BLP’s Action?

Why does this site have the BLP seal of approval? What is their current leader, Mia, thinking? This would appear to be an act of desperation. Why would the ultimate authoritative power in Barbados condone and promote a vulgar, racist, threatening site? Is it because some things can be done through legal channels, and some require another approach?

Note that the link to BFPE is one of four links! The implication: BFPE is still important to the BLP!

My opinion is that the BLP has espoused and continues to espouse the use of terror to suppress free speech.

Words have different meanings, so I am giving the definitions that I chose:

  • threat: “An indication of impending danger or harm”.
  • assault: “In England and Wales, an assault consists of a person intentionally or recklessly causing another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful violence.”
  • vitriol: “vitriol - abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will”

Update, March 30, 2008, 9:48pm EST: After several months of prominently displaying the shameful BFPE link on their website, the Barbados Labour Party has suddenly removed it. The absence of an apology is duly noted.