I wrote this a long time ago, and then forgot to post it.

Over the years, access is being lost to many recreational and other areas in Barbados.
Beaches and cliffs that we could once access, are now blocked. This is happening all over, but here are four instances off the top of my head:

  • Cluff’s on the North Coast in St. Lucy
  • Ragged Point on the East Coast in St. Philip
  • Crane Beach from the former Crane Hotel side
  • Many West Coast beaches not completely blocked, but very difficult to access

We have now received notice of yet another restriction.

Closure of public right-of-way – St Philip-the-Less Church, St Lucy to Farmers Plantation, St Thomas

There is not much I can say, except to read this letter and let me know what you think.

Quotes from the letter:

“About 18 months ago I wrote to you advising that the old public right-of-way between St Philip the Less Church, St Lucy and Farmers Pln., St Thomas was blocked at Springhead Plantation, and The Spring and Apes Hill Plantations, St Thomas. About 3 months later I got an acknowledgement of my letter saying that this would be looked into.
To date no one from your department has contacted me, so I would believe that my complaint has been put into File 13.”


“I notice that at Port St Charles, with the building of the marina, the beach has been breached, and the public have no right-of-way across the water, and it is now declared a port of entry and exit and controlled by Customs.\ I recall that the old military wall on the north side of the Barbados Yacht Club, the Yacht Club has been forced to put a gate giving right-of-way to their beach. N”

Once public access is lost, it is very difficult to regain!